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We Increased Leads by 70% for a B2B Software Company With Linkedin Outreach

Drive B2B software growth with targeted LinkedIn outreach. Achieve a 70% increase in leads with our proven strategies. Let's boost your business together!

Mar 23, 2023

We Increased Leads by 70% for a B2B Software Company With Linkedin Outreach


Our client is a B2B software company that specializes in providing project management solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. They had been in business for several years and had a strong product offering, but were struggling to generate new leads and grow their customer base. Which we fixed with LinkedIn Outreach.


The client approached us with a challenge: they needed a way to generate more leads and increase their customer base quickly. They had tried various marketing tactics in the past, but none had yielded the desired results. They had heard that LinkedIn outreach could be effective, but they didn't have the resources or expertise to execute a successful campaign on their own.


We recommended a targeted LinkedIn outreach campaign that would focus on decision-makers in companies that would benefit from our client's software solution. We would leverage our expertise in copywriting to craft a compelling message that would grab the attention of potential customers and encourage them to take action.

To begin, we conducted extensive research to identify the most promising prospects. We then created a customized list of contacts, including the names, titles, and LinkedIn profiles of key decision-makers at each company.

Next, we worked with the client to craft a message that would stand out in a crowded inbox. We used a personalized, conversational tone and highlighted the benefits of partnering with our client for project management solutions. We also included a clear call to action, inviting the recipient to schedule a call to discuss their business needs further.

Finally, we used LinkedIn automation software to send the messages in batches, monitoring responses and adjusting our strategy as needed.


Over the course of three months, our campaign generated a 70% increase in leads compared to the previous quarter. This resulted in a total of 126 new leads, including several high-value prospects that were converted into paying customers.

Our client was thrilled with the results and the new pipeline of high-quality leads. They were able to close several deals quickly and efficiently, leading to positive feedback from both customers and investors.


LinkedIn outreach can be an effective way to generate leads in the B2B software industry, provided it is done correctly. By leveraging our expertise in copywriting and LinkedIn automation, we were able to help our client generate a significant increase in leads, resulting in increased revenue and growth for their business.

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