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How Growleady Helped an Advertising Agency Generate 40% More Client Leads in Their First Month Through Cold Email

Elevate your cold email strategy with Growleady's expert copywriting services. Experience a 40% increase in client leads and sustained monthly growth.

Mar 28, 2023

How Growleady Helped an Advertising Agency Generate 40% More Client Leads in Their First Month Through Cold Email

Growleady, a leading growth agency specializing in expert copywriting, recently partnered with an advertising agency to revamp their cold email strategy. The goal was to significantly increase the number of client leads and achieve consistent growth. In just one month, the advertising agency generated over 40% more client leads and saw consistent growth month-over-month. This case study explores the strategies and tactics employed by Growleady to achieve these outstanding results.

Client Background

The client, an up-and-coming advertising agency, offers a wide range of services, including creative design, branding, digital marketing, and social media management. Despite their high-quality offerings and a strong team of experts, they struggled to generate new leads and expand their client base. They approached Growleady to help them develop and implement a cold email strategy to achieve their growth targets.


  1. Low lead generation: The advertising agency's existing cold email strategy failed to engage potential clients and generate new leads.

  2. Poor email copy: The agency's emails lacked persuasive and engaging copy that could capture the attention of potential clients.

  3. Ineffective email targeting: The agency's targeting strategy was unfocused, leading to a low open and response rate.

Strategy and Implementation

Growleady implemented a three-step approach to revamp the advertising agency's cold email strategy.

  1. In-depth audience analysis: Growleady conducted thorough research to understand the target audience, their pain points, and the specific services they needed. This insight helped develop a laser-focused targeting strategy, ensuring that the agency's emails would reach the right prospects.

  2. Persuasive and engaging email copy: Growleady's expert copywriters crafted personalized and persuasive email copy that addressed the recipients' needs, showcased the advertising agency's expertise, and provided social proof through client testimonials and case studies.

  3. Strategic follow-up sequence: To increase the chances of a response, Growleady designed a multi-stage follow-up sequence. This series of emails not only reminded prospects of the initial offer but also provided additional value through industry insights, success stories, and other relevant content.


The revamped cold email strategy yielded impressive results within just one month.

  1. 40% increase in client leads: By addressing the right audience with persuasive and engaging copy, the advertising agency generated over 40% more client leads compared to their previous efforts.

  2. Higher open and response rates: The improved targeting and personalized email copy led to higher open rates and a significant increase in response rates.

  3. Consistent month-over-month growth: The advertising agency continued to see consistent growth in lead generation each month, thanks to the strategic follow-up sequence and ongoing optimization efforts.


Growleady's expertise in copywriting and growth strategies helped the advertising agency transform their cold email strategy, resulting in a 40% increase in client leads in the first month and consistent growth each month thereafter. This case study demonstrates the power of a well-executed cold email strategy and the value of partnering with a growth agency like Growleady.

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