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Corporate Credit Card Company Generates Over 2 Demos Per Day Through Cold Email Campaign

Drive lead generation success with targeted cold email campaigns. Witness how Growleady enabled a corporate credit card firm to secure over 2 demos daily!

Mar 28, 2023

Corporate Credit Card Company Generates Over 2 Demos Per Day Through Cold Email Campaign

Client Overview

Our client is a new corporate credit card company that focuses on providing tailored financial solutions to businesses of all sizes. Their unique selling proposition includes competitive interest rates, flexible credit limits, and a robust reward system to attract and retain customers.


The client approached Growleady with a primary objective of generating leads and increasing awareness among potential clients within their first month of operation. They specifically wanted to use cold email outreach to target decision-makers in businesses and set up a minimum of 2 demos per day, with steady growth each subsequent month.


Growleady devised a comprehensive cold email campaign to help the client achieve their goal. Our approach involved the following steps:

  1. Target audience identification and segmentation: We identified the most relevant target audience by analyzing the client's ideal customer profile, focusing on decision-makers in businesses of various sizes across different industries.

  2. Database creation: Our team compiled a database of over 5,000 potential leads, complete with accurate email addresses and other essential contact information.

  3. Email copywriting: We crafted a series of highly personalized cold emails that addressed the pain points of the target audience and highlighted the unique benefits of the client's corporate credit card solution.

  4. Drip email campaign: We set up a multi-touch email sequence that utilized follow-up emails to ensure the highest possible engagement and response rate.

  5. Tracking and analysis: We closely monitored open rates, click-through rates, and responses to optimize the campaign in real-time and improve overall performance.


Our cold email campaign for the client exceeded expectations, yielding the following results within the first month:

  • Over 2 demos were scheduled per day, totaling more than 60 demos in the first month.

  • A consistent increase in the number of demos scheduled each week.

  • An impressive open rate of 45% and a response rate of 8%.

  • Over 30% of the responses led to a scheduled demo.

  • A steady growth in demos month-over-month.

Our client was able to achieve their primary objective of generating leads and increasing awareness within their first month of operation. The success of our cold email campaign enabled them to establish a strong foundation and fueled their growth in the highly competitive corporate credit card industry.


Growleady's expertise in cold email campaigns proved instrumental in helping the client generate over 2 demos per day in their first month, with continuous growth in subsequent months. Our data-driven approach, combined with persuasive copywriting, allowed our client to reach their target audience effectively and achieve impressive results. This case study demonstrates the power of cold email outreach and the importance of partnering with a growth agency like Growleady to ensure success in lead generation efforts.

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