Case Study

How We Helped a Commercial Cleaning Company Generate Up to 30 Leads Per Month Through Targeted Cold Email Campaigns

Discover how Growleady's strategic cold email campaigns empowered a Canadian commercial cleaning company to consistently generate up to 30 qualified leads per month, boosting growth and enhancing brand visibility in a competitive market.

Jan 21, 2024

commerical cleaning leads

Client: Commercial Cleaning Company
Industry: Commercial Cleaning Services, B2B

Challenge: As a growing commercial cleaning company based in Canada, our client faced the challenge of penetrating a saturated market and generating a consistent stream of qualified leads each month to maintain growth and revenue.

Solution: Implementing a targeted cold email strategy to generate leads and build relationships with potential clients in various commercial sectors.

Results: Up to 30 qualified leads per month, enabling steady growth and expansion within their market.


Our client, a dynamic commercial cleaning company, operates across multiple cities in Canada, offering comprehensive cleaning services to commercial properties, including office buildings, retail locations, and educational institutions. Despite providing high-quality services, they struggled with consistently generating new business leads in a competitive market.


Cold Email Strategy:
We designed a customized cold email campaign tailored to the unique needs and pain points of businesses in need of reliable cleaning services. The strategy included:

  • Segmentation and Targeting: We identified and segmented potential clients based on industry type, company size, and location to tailor messages that resonate with each segment’s specific needs.

  • Personalized Email Content: Each email was crafted to address the recipient’s potential concerns about cleanliness, hygiene, and maintenance costs, highlighting our client’s expertise and value proposition.

  • Compelling Subject Lines and CTAs: We tested various subject lines to increase open rates and included clear calls-to-action to encourage recipients to schedule a consultation or demonstration of services.

  • Follow-Up Sequence: A structured follow-up sequence was implemented to nurture leads who showed interest but did not immediately engage, keeping our client top-of-mind.


The cold email strategy significantly improved our client’s lead generation efforts:

  • Consistent Lead Generation: The campaign consistently generated up to 30 qualified leads per month, enabling predictable growth.

  • Increased Brand Awareness: The targeted outreach helped increase brand recognition within the commercial sector, positioning our client as a top choice for commercial cleaning services.

  • Enhanced Client Relationships: Personalized follow-ups and tailored content helped build stronger relationships with potential clients, often leading to referrals and repeat business.


By leveraging targeted cold email campaigns, Growleady helped the commercial cleaning company establish a strong foothold in the Canadian market, resulting in consistent lead generation and enhanced brand visibility. Our ongoing efforts continue to support their growth, ensuring they remain competitive and responsive to market needs.

As the company expands its services and geographical reach, we are committed to adapting our strategies to meet their evolving marketing needs and to help them achieve sustained success.