Case Study

150% Increase Through Linkedin Outreach for an Accounting Firm

Transforming LinkedIn outreach, we elevated lead generation by 150% for an accounting firm, leading to substantial revenue growth and enhanced market presence.

Mar 23, 2023

150% Increase Through Linkedin Outreach for an Accounting Firm


Our client is a leading accounting firm that provides accounting and bookkeeping services to small and medium-sized businesses. They approached us with the challenge of generating more leads via LinkedIn outreach.


Our client was generating only 30 leads per month through their LinkedIn outreach, which was not enough to sustain their business growth. They wanted to increase their lead generation and, ultimately, their revenue.


We started with a thorough analysis of their current LinkedIn outreach strategy. We found that their messaging was generic and not tailored to their target audience. We recommended that they create a more targeted approach by understanding their target audience's pain points and offering a personalized solution.

We also recommended that they optimize their LinkedIn profiles to create a more professional image, including a strong headline, a professional photo, and a compelling summary that highlights their expertise in accounting and bookkeeping services.

To improve their outreach, we created a comprehensive list of potential leads that fit their target audience and sent them personalized messages. We crafted messages that addressed their target audience's pain points and offered a personalized solution to their accounting and bookkeeping needs.

We also suggested that they join relevant LinkedIn groups and engage in conversations related to their services, which helped to establish their authority in the accounting niche.


After implementing our recommendations, our client saw a significant increase in their LinkedIn outreach performance. They generated 75 leads per month, a 150% increase from their initial 30 leads per month. This increase in leads translated into an increase in revenue for the firm.

150% Increase Through Linkedin Outreach for an Accounting Firm


By implementing a targeted LinkedIn outreach strategy, our client was able to increase their lead generation and revenue. We were able to help them optimize their LinkedIn profiles, create personalized messages, and engage with their target audience in a meaningful way, resulting in a successful outcome.

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