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How Our LinkedIn Outreach Strategy Generated 25 New Leads per Month for a Social Media Marketing Agency

Optimize your agency's potential through targeted LinkedIn outreach! Master profile optimization, engaging content creation, and lead attraction strategies.

Mar 27, 2023

How Our LinkedIn Outreach Strategy Generated 25 New Leads per Month for a Social Media Marketing Agency

Client Overview

The client is a highly successful social media marketing agency, specializing in helping businesses optimize their online presence, engage target audiences, and increase conversions. They offer a variety of services, including social media management, content creation, and influencer marketing.


Despite their success in the industry, our client was struggling to expand its client base and generate new leads consistently. They approached our growth agency for assistance in developing a targeted LinkedIn outreach campaign to attract more prospects and ultimately increase their leads by at least 25 per month.

Our Approach

We began by conducting an in-depth analysis of our client’s target market, ideal client profile, and current LinkedIn presence. Based on this information, we developed a three-step approach to maximize LinkedIn outreach success:

  1. Optimizing LinkedIn Profiles: We improved the client’s LinkedIn company page and employees' profiles to make them more appealing to potential clients. This included updating company and personal descriptions, utilizing industry-specific keywords, and ensuring all profile sections were complete and engaging.

  2. Creating High-Quality Content: To position the client as a thought leader in their niche, we developed and shared valuable content on their LinkedIn page. This included blog posts, infographics, and videos that addressed common pain points and offered insights into industry trends. We also encouraged all employees to share and engage with this content to boost visibility.

  3. Personalized Outreach Campaign: We identified key decision-makers within the client's target market and crafted personalized connection requests and follow-up messages. These messages highlighted the client's expertise, offered valuable insights, and focused on building genuine relationships.


After implementing our LinkedIn outreach strategy, the client experienced a significant increase in the number of leads generated:

  • 25+ new leads per month: Within just three months, the client consistently generated over 25 new leads per month, meeting their initial goal.

  • Higher conversion rate: The personalized approach to outreach contributed to a 10% increase in the conversion rate from connection requests to actual leads.

  • Greater engagement: The high-quality content we produced for the client resulted in a 35% increase in engagement on their LinkedIn page, attracting even more potential clients.

  • Increased brand awareness: The client's enhanced LinkedIn presence led to a 50% increase in profile views and a 20% increase in company page followers, establishing them as an authority in their industry.


Our targeted LinkedIn outreach strategy helped our clients generate 25 new leads per month, significantly growing their client base and expanding their reach within the industry. By optimizing their LinkedIn presence, creating high-quality content, and employing a personalized outreach approach, we successfully positioned our clients as thought leaders and attracted the attention of their ideal prospects.

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