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How Linkedin Outreach Gained Over 20 New Leads!

Achieve 20 leads monthly with targeted LinkedIn outreach for insurance consultancy. Connect with business owners seeking insurance solutions effectively.

Mar 27, 2023

How Linkedin Outreach Gained Over 20 New Leads!


The insurance consultancy had been struggling to generate leads and was looking for a cost-effective way to reach new prospects. They had tried various marketing strategies, but none had been successful.


Our agency, Growleady, proposed a LinkedIn outreach campaign. We recommended that they use LinkedIn because it is a professional network that allows businesses to connect with potential clients in a more targeted way.

We started by creating a LinkedIn profile for the consultancy and optimizing it to showcase their expertise in the insurance industry. We also identified their target audience, which consisted of business owners and executives who needed insurance solutions.

Next, we crafted a series of personalized messages to send to potential clients. We focused on creating messaging that was clear, concise, and emphasized the benefits of working with the consultancy.

To ensure the campaign's success, we also implemented a follow-up strategy that included sending reminder messages to those who didn't respond to our initial outreach.


Within the first month of the LinkedIn outreach campaign, the consultancy generated 20 leads. These leads consisted of business owners and executives who were interested in learning more about the consultancy's services.

The campaign's success can be attributed to the personalized messaging and targeted outreach approach. By focusing on the needs of their potential clients, the consultancy was able to establish a connection and build trust, leading to an increase in leads.

Moving forward, we plan to continue the LinkedIn outreach campaign and further optimize it to drive even more leads for the insurance consultancy.

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