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How Growleady Helped a CRM Solution Generate 60 Demos in Their First Month and Achieve Consistent Monthly Growth via Cold Email

Drive exponential growth with our targeted cold email campaigns, generating up to 60 demos in the first month and ensuring consistent monthly expansion.

Mar 28, 2023

How Growleady Helped a CRM Solution Generate 60 Demos in Their First Month and Achieve Consistent Monthly Growth via Cold Email

Client Background

Our client, a rapidly expanding Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, was struggling to capture new leads and secure product demos. They approached Growleady, seeking to harness our expertise in cold email marketing and copywriting to drive significant growth.


The client's primary objective was to secure 60 product demos in their first month, followed by consistent monthly growth in the number of demos scheduled. To achieve this, they enlisted the help of Growleady to develop a targeted cold email marketing campaign.

Growleady's Strategy

Our team at Growleady devised a comprehensive strategy to meet the client's objectives:

  1. Identify Target Audience: We conducted extensive market research to determine the most relevant target audience for the client's CRM solution. This research allowed us to identify decision-makers in small to medium-sized businesses that were likely to benefit from the CRM solution.

  2. Craft Compelling Copy: Our expert copywriters developed a series of highly persuasive and personalized cold emails. These emails emphasized the unique value proposition of the client's CRM solution and highlighted the benefits of scheduling a demo.

  3. Optimize Email Deliverability: To ensure the cold emails reached their intended recipients, our team optimized the email delivery process by:

  • Verifying the email list for accuracy and legitimacy.

  • Using a reputable email service provider.

  • Implementing best practices for email deliverability, including proper subject lines, preheaders, and a clean HTML structure.

  1. Follow-Up Sequence: We devised a strategic follow-up sequence to re-engage prospects who didn't initially respond to the first email. The sequence included three follow-up emails that were sent at well-timed intervals to maximize open and response rates.

  2. Performance Tracking & Optimization: We continuously monitored the campaign's performance, analyzing key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversions to demos. This allowed us to optimize the campaign, making adjustments to copy and delivery tactics for improved results.


The client's CRM solution experienced impressive results from the cold email campaign executed by Growleady:

  • First-Month Success: The client achieved their primary objective by securing 60 demos within the first month of the campaign.

  • Consistent Monthly Growth: The CRM solution experienced consistent monthly growth in the number of demos scheduled, which has directly contributed to an increase in new customers and revenue.

  • Improved Open and Click-Through Rates: The cold email campaign saw an average open rate of 35% and a click-through rate of 5%, both of which surpassed industry benchmarks.


Growleady's expert copywriting and strategic cold email marketing approach enabled the client's CRM solution to achieve outstanding results. The targeted campaign not only met the client's initial objective of securing 60 demos in the first month but also led to consistent monthly growth. By leveraging Growleady's expertise, the CRM solution experienced a significant boost in product demos, new customers, and overall revenue.

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