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How Growleady Helped a Client Generate 70 High-Quality Leads in The SEO Niche via Cold Email

Achieved 70 high-quality leads for an SEO agency in 2 months, surpassing goals. Attained a 38% open rate and 21% response rate, above industry averages.

Mar 23, 2023

How Growleady Helped a Client Generate 70 High-Quality Leads in The SEO Niche via Cold Email

Client Background:

Our client, an emerging SEO agency, aimed to expand their clientele and increase their brand recognition within the digital marketing industry. With a team of dedicated professionals and a history of delivering exceptional results for their existing clients, they were seeking new opportunities to showcase their expertise and grow their business.


Despite having a proven track record, our client faced two main challenges:

Standing out in a highly competitive market dominated by established industry players. Identifying and connecting with potential clients who would be interested in their services. To address these challenges, the agency reached out to our team with a specific goal: generating at least 50 new leads within a two-month period.

Our Solution:

After analyzing the client's goals, industry, and target audience, our team determined that cold email campaigns would be the most effective approach to achieving the desired results. We devised a three-step plan:

Lead Generation and Segmentation: Our team conducted in-depth research to identify businesses in need of SEO services, focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises with a strong online presence. Using advanced tools, we collected a list of 500 prospects and segmented them based on industry, size, and location.

Crafting Personalized Email Copy: As expert copywriters, we developed a series of compelling and personalized email templates that clearly communicated the value of the client's SEO services. The copy was designed to resonate with each prospect segment and elicit a positive response.

A/B Testing and Optimization: To maximize the effectiveness of our campaign, we conducted A/B testing on various email elements, such as subject lines, opening lines, and CTAs. By closely monitoring the results, we were able to optimize the email copy and improve open and response rates.


Our cold email campaign exceeded the client's expectations, delivering the following results:

A total of 70 high-quality leads were generated within the two-month period, surpassing the initial goal of 50 leads. An impressive open rate of 38% and a response rate of 21%, both significantly above industry averages. 12 new client conversions within the first three months after the campaign, resulting in a significant increase in revenue for the SEO agency.


Our strategic approach to cold email marketing not only helped our client generate 70 high-quality leads in the competitive SEO niche but also led to a substantial increase in their clientele and revenue. By leveraging our expertise in lead generation, copywriting, and campaign optimization, we were able to create a compelling and effective outreach strategy that drove tangible results.

How Growleady Helped a Client Generate 70 High-Quality Leads in The SEO Niche via Cold Email

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